TIMESPECIFIC is exploring new ways in which art behaves outside of the institutional context; challenging us to expand our definition of art in the 21st century while creating a dialogue between viewer and object, in order to examine art’s relation to social experience.

A message system.

Documenting the in between as a constant.

The history of objects, quasa object, non-objects, hyper realities ... .

Experimentation is mantra!

TIMESPECIFIC features and documents works that are often unable to be framed, boxed, copied, packaged and sold. Instead of object and production, it is rather examining the time-specific response of a spectrum of international artists creating a living archive while working interactive and in collaboration in order to create a stream of consciousness of a specific moment in time. 

TIMESPECIFIC is capturing the trace, concept, intention and evolution of art making itself, while allowing layers of meaning to resonate for each project. Not limited to the physicality of a particular site, new networks emerge, spanning disciplinary, linguistic and geographic borders.