TIMESPECIFIC is an experimental forum inviting international artists to share their experiences and featuring ‘time-specific’ answers to our current problems and challenges in this world. The intent is to capture the trace, concept, intention and evolution of art making itself and allowing layers of meaning to resonate for each project. Not limited to the physicality of a particular site, that new network emerges, spanning disciplinary, linguistic and geographic borders. 

A. Experimentation is mantra.
B. A message system.
C. The history of objects, quasa object, non-objects, hyper realities...
D. Documenting the in between as a constant
For the following year, TIMESPECIFIC will create on-line exhibitions in order to support our immersive experiences and exchanges between artists, art initiatives, curators, galleries and all critical thinkers. TIMESPECIFIC is exploring new ways in which art behaves outside of institutional contexts challenging us to expand our definition of art in the 21st century while creating a dialogue between viewers and objects, in order to examine art’s relation to social experience.