Utopia is a series of video and painting installations by Isolde Kille. 

The above images depict scenes from the first installation, Utopia x-Posed, in a private apartment along The High Line in Chelsea, New York September 2018. Kille's attempt was to break down the barriers between public and private space, creating a fictional and experimental reality. Inside the apartment, the visitors became part of a living sculpture while at the same time the visitors at The High Line observed the installation as a moving, constantly changing image.

The next installation Utopia Be will be on view in Berlin, Germany in March 2019. 
Utopia Be is a multi-projector video installation which interferes with long scrolls of paintings installed as transparent shades in space. The assemblage of painting and video creates a surreal environment where the viewer can experience different layers of depth and perception. The interwoven elements of video and painting, fragments of Nature and Abstractions, draw on a non-linear concept to re-create a Fantastic Landscape in Space. 

For further information please contact info@timespecific.com

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