TIMESPECIFIC in collaboration with CENTRAL BOOKING is pleased to present the first collaborative video project

A Choreography In Time And Space
The artist creates a mask in order to face the world safely, yet also hides behind it, tentatively beginning to reach out and touch again through individual video recordings that become scenes for a collaborative film, titled 'A Choreography In Space And Time.'

Video still from the performance group Watu Gunung, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Participant artists:
Rita Bard, Gaby Berglund Cardena & Beverley Hayes, Cecelia Chapman, Robyn Ellenbogen, Kathleen Ferguson-Huntington, Sachie Hayashi, Dasol Hong, Will Kaplan and Jessa Henschel, Helena Kauppila & Itir Sezik, Linda KozuleNina Kuo & Lorin Roser, Xavier Lopez, Sandra March, Regina Masuhr, Christina Mitrentse, Pawel Pacholec, Diane Rolnick, Maddy Rosenberg, Linda Sibio, Torild Stray & The Artist Collaborative :Wavelength, Elyandra Widharta, Sascha Windolph, Watu Gunung performance group

For further inquiries please contact info@timespecific.com