I am delighted to feature TIMESPECIFICs second Open Call, this one in collaboration with the curator and artist Maddy Rosenberg, which many might also know from her gallery, CENTRAL BOOKING New York

We are continuing to explore how art can be presented on-line and are seeking new modes of expressions. The theme of the second open call is:

A Choreography In Time And Space
The artist creates a mask in order to face the world safely, yet also hides behind it, tentatively beginning to reach out and touch again through individual video recordings that become scenes for a collaborative film, titled 'A Choreography In Space And Time.'

We are inviting you to participate and send a short video, or a sequence of images documenting your personal choreography in space. You can include sound, voice, or add a short text that we can insert into the final film.  
Submissions are accepted till August 15th, 2020. TIMESPECIFIC and CENTRAL BOOKING will feature the results at the end of August on our websites with possibilities of further international venues in the future.

If you wish to participate please feel free to contact info@timespecific.com