6 FEET   6 FEET  Leah Oates, Toronto, Canada  6 FEET   6 FEET  Anke Cott has lived in West-Berlin since 1986 and was born in the former GDR in 1963. She studied painting and fine art at the UDK Berlin, with a master's degree in 1996. Basically she works with various media such as drawing, photography and with the computer to collage scenic images by means three-dimensional modeling.  6 FEET  I was born in Athens, Greece in 1983. I live and work as a photo archivist, in Athens.  6 FEET   6 FEET  The last time I physically socialized was on the 16th March.  My birthday was on the 31th March and the first one in quarantine.  It made me think of the dying people who leave this life alone nowadays; in contrast to how they are born.  6 FEET   6 FEET  ( Photograph taken by Rony Ramadhan).  6 FEET  about the times:  Inspired by our current events in this time of self-isolation, social distancing and quarantine, I felt compelled to explore a bit deeper the notions of what confinement really means to each of us individually. I question how the degree of feeling isolated, locked in, confined, and blocked relate  through the space and environment we are contained in. Hence, I experimented with various stages and degrees of confinement in my own house and surroundings, to gauge the intensity and feelings that project would evoke in myself and other viewers of these various situations through my visual documentation.  6 FEET  Artist / Curator  6 FEET  As I am forced at home, 6 feet is too much for me at the moment. I don't even get to notice the 6 feet social distancing because I don't have the possibility to see people. And 6 feet makes me also think to many feet, to more persons, while at the moment I am isolated and alone.  6 FEET   6 FEET  Taken in 2020,during a worldwide quarantine, depicturing the new holy fluid,soap.  I am an achitecture student in Greece,where i was born and raised.  6 FEET   6 FEET  This is a piece I made during the first weeks of the pandemic lockdown in NYC. I was stuck at home, trying to comfort and homeschool my three children, worried about money, food, shelter, and germs. My son has very weak lungs, he has had pneumonia four times and has very bad asthma. There was definitely a sense of foreboding and panic in the air, ambulances were all over the neighborhood day and night. The piece is very shifting and nervous, quite appropriate for how I was feeling at the time.  6 FEET  by J. D. Scott, Santa Fe, NM, USA  6 FEET  150cm x 150 cm, ink wood -stain and airbrush on paper  6 FEET   6 FEET  computer graphics  6 FEET  Yuliya Lanina is  a multimedia artist whose work ranges from paintings and robotic sculptures to video and performance. She creates alternate realities in her works—ones based on sexuality, femininity, fetishism, and identity. Lanina’s honors include Fulbright (Vienna, Austria), Headlands Art Center (CA), and Yaddo Colony (NY). Exhibitions include SXSW (TX), Seoul Art Museum (Korea), SIGGRAPH (Japan), 798 Beijing Biennial (China), Cleveland Institute of Art (OH), Museum Ludwig (Germany) and Moscow Museum of Modern Art (Russia).  She is an Assistant Professor of Practice at the Department of Arts and Entertainment Technologies at The University of Texas at Austin.  6 FEET  As a concept, it is human who adds meaning to art. In this case, art is something that exists together human being and is something that will be disappeared by the death of human being.  Today, in the world imposed by global capitalism, people and art are dying together.  Since our body is controlled with new technologies in our daily lives, we are living the last times of the independent human race. Those with knowledge and others… Humanity is struggling with climate change, nuclear war threats, migration and epidemic diseases. And will continue to…  In this new digital age, the family needs to be protected and individuals should be get rid of consumption pathology. This is only possible with a healthy society, where even eating is an art. If we become a society that takes control of its own future, we can get out of this vortex. All we need is to get rid of our ego and be in unity and solidarity. For this, the society must have an organized structure. As a matter of fact, the welfare of social life will be realized by the society having a particular artistic culture. With independent people and art!  6 FEET   6 FEET  All the photographs in this series were taken from my window or from the terrace of the building where I live. This series is the subject of an album.  6 FEET   6 FEET  Darth Vader palpitates when I wear my mask. A wide berth is cut around me on the street, more that 6'! It's made from a secondhand re-purposed Chinese handbag  6 FEET  oil on linen / 98 cm x 130 cm / 39 by 51 inches  6 FEET  Graphite, watercolor, colored pencil on canvas with digital alteration  6 FEET  During quarantine in Greece, our exit from the house is allowed under some rules.  The code B6 allows someone to leave the house for a walk , alone or with his dog, while maintaining the distance…. The concept of my work is based on this code.  6 FEET  Recently many people have experience in understanding life and death. They understand that death has become real. Death came to the life of many people. Many people  experience that life  and death are interconnected and human's life can end at any time.. This painting is about the feeling  and impressions of life  6 FEET  I, Rida Basit Khan, born on 13-01-1996, am an Artist based in Lahore Pakistan. I am Visual Artist. I love exploring different mediums and surfaces and have found myself to specifically show my skills in Calligraphy and Miniature Art. I have completed my Graduation from University Of Education, Bank Road Campus and Recently I have done my Post graduation from my dream University, College Of art & Design, University Of The Punjab. I have picked GOUACHE as my signature medium. I have won competitions and awards in various art exhibitions & have also worked in various art exhibitions. Few of my paintings are also purchase by people in USA. I completed my graduation & post graduation with distinction. I am also the member of Artist Asssociation Punjab. I am also participated in International Exhibitions.  6 FEET   6 FEET
 6 FEET   6 FEET  by Gabriela Aramoni, Mexico City, Mexico  6 FEET  by Mariana Bisti, Athens, Greece  6 FEET   6 FEET  “The pandemic has closed the theaters, turning them inside out. The audience is now costumed and playing unfamiliar parts while reacting to virtual echos from six feet away.”  6 FEET  Object Artist / Member of Sculpture Network/European Platform  6 FEET   6 FEET  Visual Artist, designer, poet, musician and producer Theresa Joy Lorenzetti began taking photos 45 years ago with tendencies towards symbolism, surrealism and the avant-garde in ‘corporal expression’ and ‘visual storytelling’. Recently arrived in New Mexico to much delight and ...Frustration.  6 FEET   6 FEET  A lot of my time during quarantine has been spent sitting by my window and looking at the people (or the lack thereof) passing by on the street below me. I’ve found the chair by the window to be a space for reflection and meditation, distanced from, yet connected with, the outside world. Playing with the idea of the perspective, this is a self-portrait, looking out from the window from a ladder and painting a new skyline, imagining myself a new view to look at.  6 FEET   6 FEET  acrylic on canvas  6 FEET  Searching through memory, as wind whistles across the ever-shifting desert, the sky opens to a panorama of emptiness. Alone, one, just one, me,  manipulating a surface and marking the space I occupy, tiny visions result on bookpages -a measure of how tenuous is any organization or point of concurrence.  6 FEET  I am a visual artist , based in Greece.  I have studied Pedogogic Studies and Management Assistant. Over the years I was addicted to painting and photography. I had been attending the painting courses 'Divertissements of Fine Arts"as a student of D Maninis (2002_2016). Courses of Analog photography, Seminars of Fine Art Photography and ASFA photo courses were some of my favorite studies since 2012. Pieces of my work have been published in print, on line and in a plenty number of group exhibitions (2008_2018).  6 FEET  During the quarantine time in this pandemic,we are spending a lot of time in social media.Thus experiencing so many information visually.Those images are creating a blank space in our head.I have collect 167 images from various sources and modify their opacity according to our eye blinking time.And my artwork is the representation of the image inside of my head.  6 FEET   6 FEET   6 FEET   6 FEET  This photograph was taken from a bench at my local nature reserve during the COVID-19 lockdown in the UK.  6 FEET  analog photography by 35mm single use camera  6 FEET   6 FEET   6 FEET   6 FEET   6 FEET   6 FEET   6 FEET  My media is photography.   The period of quarantine is recorded in my perception as the great void. Fear should not be the content.  6 FEET  This work takes part in the trends of Land Art and performative art because this staging was created on site. I made a short film about one performance that I did in situ. This performance is represented by the sets that I created. The work explores the communicative signals that we associate to the danger. The color of the smoke put his code on our reception and invite to rethink the kindle effect until the total dissipation of the smoke. Moreover, the work refers to the sublime and the dangerous. The sublime provokes an effect of stupefaction, inspired by fear or astonishment.  6 FEET  Sleep Deficit Dream  / Part 4  6 FEET   6 FEET  I'm Areti Alexandraki and photography is my way of being alone.  6 FEET  by Fabian Meyer, Street Photographer, Berlin, Germany  6 FEET  The effect of isolation on the body, virtuality or becoming only virtual are subjects that as an artist have disturbed me the last few weeks of confinement. I am very interested in the new ways that we will invent to solve the use of the body and space in this confinement. The body as a vehicle of consciousness that is not limited to isolation but invents new ways of meaning and space that can be compressed or expanded depending on how we look at it. I live in northern Mexico and have been in quarantine for five weeks.

6 Feet : With the support of the Kiosk der Demokratie in Germany, Timespecific created an open call, entitled 6 Feet, from April 5 - May 24, 2020. The title reflects the recommendation in the US that people stay at least six feet apart for coronavirus social distancing. Our intent was to connect with international artists on-line and create an atlas of our current human condition. The images above present the final on-line exhibition of the 76 participant Artists from 20 different Countries, Bangladesh, Canada, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom and the US.

Areti Alexandraki Greece Chrysalena Antonopoulou Athens, Greece  Gabriela Aramoni Mexico City, Mexico  Daphne Aslanidi Athens, Greece Toma Babovic Bremen, Germany Rita Bard Santa Fe, NM, USA
Benjas (Ben Mittlemans) New York, USA Veronika E. M. Blum Berlin, Germany Marianna Bisti Athens, Greece Luca Brunetti Rom, Italy
Stavroula Chantzi Athens, Greece Matthew Chase-Daniel Santa Fe, NM, USA Xineli Chrisoula Piraeus, Greece Anke Cott Berlin, Germany
Mola Cyan New York, USA Soφia Dalamagka Greece Jane Dell Brooklyn, New York, USA Ryan Dodd United Kingdom Chris Fennell Brooklyn, NY, USA Kathleen Ferguson-Huntington Taos, NM, USA
Louloudia Gredi Thessaloniki, Greece Şinasi Güneş, Turkey
Adam Jonas Horowitz Santa Fe, NM, USA Muhammad Shafayet Hossain Bangladesh Iza Waszak Iszna Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Bengü Karaduman Istanbul, Turkey Rida Basit Khan Pakistan
Maria Konstantinidou Greece Yuliya Lanina Texas, USA Tina La Porta Floridia, USA Mara Leader Santa Fe, NM, USA Alexander Limarev Siberia, Russia Xavier Lopez Jr. Seattle, USA Theresa Joy Lorenzetti New Mexico, USA Ati Maier NY/NM, USA Malgorzata Marta Zych Poland Regina Masuhr Switzerland Rei Matsushima Japan, UK, Germany Juan Meliá Mexico Fabian Meyer Berlin, Germany Tshepo Moloi Johannesburg, Africa Lilli Muller Los Angeles, CA, USA Tasos Nikolakopoulos Patras, Greece Katharine Noe Belen, NM, USA Maria Ntrougia Athens, Greece Leah Oates Toronto, Canada Kuzana Ogg, Bombai India Pawel Pacholec Gdansk, Poland Stéphanie Pineau Montreal, Canada Sophia Preka Greece Stella Pylarinou Greece Diane G. Rolnick Santa Fe, NM, USA Maddy Rosenberg Brooklyn, NY, USA Mercedes Martha Aquino Sanchez Mexico J. D. Scott Santa Fe, NM, USA Linda Carmella Sibio Joshua Tree, CA, USA Torild Stray Bergen, Norway Simona T Italy Benkirane Thami, Fez Morocco, Africa Catherine Thomson New Zealand Michael R. Tingley Indiana, USA Nina Tokhtaman Valetova New York, USA Cecil Touchon Santa Fe, NM, USA4 Aleka Tsironi Thessaloniki, GreeceElyandra Widharta, Yogyakarta, Indonesia Maria Wrang-Rasmussen, Edinburgh, UK